Viewing your Space Home

Paulina V.
Paulina V.
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For a bird's eye view of your Space and its content, we have Space Home



By default, your Space Home will be the first thing you see when you navigate to a Space. 




Here, you can see Tracks you've uploaded and their details, as well as a list of your Space Members, their permissions, and Space Attachments.


At any time, you can click your Space name in the black bar at the top of your Space to navigate back to your Space Home




Uploading Tracks

You can easily upload Tracks to your Space Home by clicking the "+" icon in the Tracks section to the left. You can slo click "Add Track" below your playlist of tracks.




Choose an audio file from your desktop or add an audio from your Library.


Adding Members

Sharing your Space with your Collaborators is an option in the Members section of your Space Home. You can click the "+" icon on the top right-hand side of your Members section or click "Add members". 




Clicking either the "+" icon or "Add members" will open your Share details panel on the right-hand side. You can also manage permissions in this panel as well.


Adding and managing Attachments

Attachments are viewable and manageable from your Space Home. You can add a new Attachment by clicking the "+" icon or clicking "Add Attachment" below your list of attachments.