Commenting on Tracks

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Types of Comments

You have four unique annotation comment card bubbles.


Screen_Shot_2022-10-05_at_5.16.56_PM.png Text
Screen_Shot_2022-10-05_at_5.17.01_PM.png Sticker
Screen_Shot_2022-10-05_at_5.17.06_PM.png Voice
Screen_Shot_2022-10-05_at_5.17.10_PM.png Poll


Adding comment cards can help you communicate with others about parts of your track that pique your interest, draw your concern or need feedback.

To get a comment card onto your waveform below, drag the desired comment card onto your waveform. A timestamp appears wherever you drag it. 

More details for each Comment type are below.


Leaving a text comment

Click on the Text card and drag it onto your waveform. In the comment card, write your statement or ask a question.



Note: When your collaborators respond to your comment card, the messages will thread! You’ll have a full, hyper-specific conversation over the timestamp.


Adding a sticker comment

Click on the Sticker card and drag it onto your waveform. You can use this card to express that you like a particular part of a track.




Adding a Voice comment

To record your thoughts about parts of your track, click on the Voice card also found in the center of your screen.



Note: If prompted, enable your microphone to record a quick message in your browser.

This feature is perfect for sharing thoughts on mixes, instrumentation, song structure, or lyrics. If you find it easier to gather your thoughts via speaking, this function comes in handy.


Adding a Poll comment

Create a Poll comment when you’re looking for definitive feedback.

You can poll people on simple questions such as, ‘Should I move this?’ or more in-depth questions like, ‘Which one of these two samples should I use?’

Polls are great for figuring out what options work best for your track.

To create a Poll, drag the Poll button onto your waveform.



Example showcases how to create a Poll and insert audio into Poll comment card

You can upload audio into your poll if you have a specific question regarding a sample, instrumentation, vocals or orchestration choices.


If your poll is similar to the example above, here are some helpful directions:

  • When entering answer options, click on the tiny file button located in the right corner of the answer box to upload a file
  • An audio player pop-up. This is an option if you have a band and want to get everyone’s unique input and vibe


Replying to comments

Whether a comment is a Text, Sticker, Voice, or Poll comment, you and others can reply to cards. Replies thread within the card, and you can have hyper-specific conversations on a particular timestamp.




Questions about comments

Is there a limit to comments and replies?

There is no limit to the amount of comments you can make.