Managing Collaborators in your Space

Paulina V.
Paulina V.
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Inviting collaborators to your Space

In the Invite People box in your Share Panel, enter the email address of someone or people you’d like to collaborate with.


  • If you invite someone that already has a Highnote account, their email address and username will pop-up as an option.
  • If your collaborator doesn’t have a Highnote account, you can invite them to Highnote when they’re added.


You can choose who you make a collaborator, listener, or commentor when inviting people.


Note: You can change the permission settings for each user you invite. If you invite someone as a listener, you can change their settings to make them a listener or commentor if you decide to.


Collaborator Permissions

  • Collaborators have every permission that you have but they can’t rename a space or delete a space. They can also download attachment files and versions.
  • Commenters can add comments and view the space.
  • Listeners are only able to listen and view the space.


Viewing all Space members

You can view everyone in your space in the Space Members box in your Share Panel.

Adjust a space member’s permissions by clicking on the dropdown to the right of their name and choosing a new permission.